Why cant we mock static method in mockito ?


 Mockito is a popular Java testing framework that is used for creating mock objects for testing purposes. However, by default, Mockito does not allow mocking of static methods.

The reason for this is that static methods are considered part of the class and not the instance, so mocking them would require changing the behavior of the entire class, not just a single instance. This can lead to unexpected behavior and can make testing more complicated.

Additionally, mocking static methods can lead to tight coupling between the test code and the production code, which can make the tests less flexible and harder to maintain.

If you need to test code that calls a static method, it's generally better to refactor the code to make the static method callable on an instance. If that is not possible, you can use a technique such as PowerMock to mock static methods, but it's worth noting that using PowerMock can make your tests more complex and harder to maintain.

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