OpenLaszlo the rocking and amazing rich internet platform technology

OPENLASZLO is an event-driven, object-oriented language for building dynamic, data-driven applications. Because it's an XML language, OPENLASZLO integrates seamlessly with your existing IDE, source control, and team development systems
OPENLASZLO is similar to rich internet platform for GUI
The source code for an OpenLaszlo application is an XML document, or a collection of XML documents. Every OpenLaszlo application begins with a set of tags. Other tags are then included to add functionality to the application. In this example, the tag was used to display 'Hello World'. Every tag has attributes that allows you to modify their appearance or behavior. To experiment in the example above try changing...

A view is the most basic viewable element in LZX. A view can be used as:

* a basic UI component
* a container to display media assets (images, music, video, ...)
* a container to lay out other components
* a starting point to create your own components using inheritance

The main problem of openlaszlo technology which i faced while developing applications is its bad performance. that means it lacks performance .for executing large amount of operation like passing details 500 entities into database or updation takes more time.everything we are implementing inside dataset with the help of xml

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