dear friends iam very glad to inform you that our DIVINE VISION TELEVISION is started its broadcasting now.this is a free malayalam television channel now available in foreign countries including gulf.in this channel there is no advertising and no subscription charges.it is absolutely FREE!!!!!!!!

the programmes are uplinked from from ISRAEL through the EUROBIRD satellite it is available in europe and middle east .users of HOTBIRD satellite can now enjoy the free channel in EUROPE by connecting a duelfeed in their dish antenna and to enjoy 24 hours free programmes.

for more details about the broadcasting information in EUROPE call the TOLL FREE number 08007561053. and also you can get more information from the official website www.divinetv.in within 1 month it started in USA .and also it is available in INDIA in this year.

DIVINE TELEVISION technical details :


SATELLITE : EuroBird 9 at 90e,
FREQUENCY : 11919 Mhz,
POLARITY : vertical
SymbolRate : 27500 MSPS,
FEC :3/4


Vachana Deepti

Leaders of the Church, Bishops, priests and lay preachers expound the Word of God bringing home its relevance and richness.

Streams of Grace
This program has a message from the Word of God preached in all its power and beauty by inspired spiritual leaders of the Catholic Church from all over the world.

This is the platform where the Bishops come to explain the doctrines and teachings of the Church especially as in the encyclicals.

Karunya Vazhikal

The Church has always had a preferential option for the poor. This program looks at the various services and ministries to the socially disadvantaged groups.

Sneha Sparsam
Our God is a consuming fire. People who have personally experienced the love of God have had their lives transformed. In this program such witnesses of God’s healing grace share their faith and the journey of their lives for the glory of God.

Bible scholars unravel the deep mysteries and great wealth in the Holy Scriptures from the Old through the New Testaments.

The Cross is the power and salvation of God. A showcase of the inspiring lives of those who in spite of great struggles and limitations have gone against the current of their circumstances held on to the faith and achieved great heights.

Yesuvinte Kunju Makkal

A charming Children’s program celebrating the faith of the little ones.

Sunday Choice
A view of the parish life, the hub of Christian faith and community. Every episode is situated in the Sunday celebrations and activities of the parishes around this state.

Bible Toons
Lively and colourful animation series of Bible stories for children and adults alike.


A study of the churches, their rich heritage, traditions and the faith community that surrounds these beautiful monuments of faith.

jeevanekunna daiva vachanathinaayi